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While similar to the neighboring Indonesia origins, Papa New Guinea (PNG) has some uniqueness to its flavor and cup characteristics. It is less earthy than a Sumatra, with a standout wineyness. Some PNG’s can be somewhat unpredictable in their flavor which is largely due to the coffee “gardens” of the country, where farmers individually grow the coffee on their lands with different inputs and means, and afterwards blend it with other farms for export. However, this coffee is less unpredictable and has a Premium Smallholder Coffee grade (PSC) which represents a superior quality and uniformity than much of the coffee produced in the country. While many people either love or hate PNG’s, we think this specific coffee will be sure to impress.

REGION: Okapa Valley / Eastern highlands.


CUP: Mild acidity, Light-medium body

FLAVOR: Delicate subtle cup with notes of red fruits and citrus rind.

Papua New Guinea Namaro (organic)

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